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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Animal Testing

In  the editorial "Save the Animals: Stop Animal Testing", the author provides examples that show how people feel differently on the effect of animal testing or how animals are treated. This article is a combination of scientific studies and personal beliefs on animal testing and if it should be stopped or not. There are different biases that could work to prove if testing on animals is a good thing or not.

Belief bias is an effect where someone's evaluation of the logical strength of an argument is biased by by the believably of the conclusion.  This bias is used throughout the article when the author gives his opinion on what he believes in. Tom Regan, a professor at North Carolina State University spoke his belief when stating, "Animals have a basic moral right to respectful treatment...this inherent value is not respected when animals are reduced to being mere tools in a scientific experiment". Tom believes that animals have right and though he knows people view animals differently, he is not afraid to say what he believes. He believes animals are violated and their rights are taken away when going thoguh testing , just like peoples would be. Tom Regan believes in how morally wrong animal testing is and thinks no one should be able to test on animals just to help themselves in the future.

Framing effect is drawing different conclusions from the same information, depending on how or by whom that information is presented. This effect shows how some people believe in animal testing while others do not. Many believe there is no need to test on animals. Animals are apart of their life and they never want to see any hurt. Other people mainly focus on what will come out of the testing and how it will benefit them in the future. If the testing leads to something new to them, they are all for it because it is helping them out. People will always have a say on what they believe is right and wrong when it comes to animal testing. Some scientists do not care about animals, they just want to find a new product to sell to customers. With all the same information, there is always two sides of the story. There will never be a happy medium between animal lovers and people who could care less about animals.

The belief bias and framing effect are only just two examples that could be taken out of this article. Animal testing is a very popular subject that has not come to one conclusion yet. There will always be arguments on animal testing and if it can be stopped or not. Many other biases or effects would explain the article of animal testing. The world will always be split in two when the argument has such a big outburst.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Checked Off Bucket List!

On my bucket list, I've always wanted to write a letter to a random address and see if the person who gets my letter will write back. I wrote a letter over the weekend and shipped it off in the mail. I am hoping to get a response back! 
I sent the letter to a place in California because I have always wanted to visit and talking to someone from there is the closest I can get right now. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Real Brett Stern

Do you know the real Brett Stern? Most people would say yes since he is very popular in school, however when sitting down and talking to him I learned a few things myself about who Brett really is. Yes he is the funny, outgoing guy everyone knows and talks about. When asked random questions he gave his best answer. 

      The sixteen year old was born on  January 26, 1998 in "some hospital in Walpole". Though he would rather be in Punta Cana because "you can do anything there", Brett spends his days in Norton making every one laugh around him. He is known to be the class clown and always have an opinion on every subject. He will always find a way to be a smile upon your face even when you're having a bad day. You would see him walking around the halls with pizza and minute maid fruit punch if offered to him. If given the opportunity he would become a girl for a day just to see what it would be like, or as he put it, "just so I could look at myself".  Even though he would become a girl for a day, he does not want to have any daughters in the future. He would like to have two boys because of the protective father he would become. He would not let his daughter out of sight because he wouldn't want her getting into trouble with boys. Even though girls are one of the things that make him happy, he believes the only girl he needs is his wife. Brett is very adventurous but once asked if he would steal a cop car he refused, especially if there was a snake around. Snakes are Bretts biggest fear and he simply states, "why dont you have any legs?". "If snakes do not live in the water then why dont they have any legs?". That is the question he is always pondering on. Brett shakes things off really easily but once asked what his most embarrassing moment was he automatically put his head down and laughed recalling the moment over in his head. In third grade during baseball he got two outs and walked into the dugout saying "yep, okay!" bowing his head. "Everyone pointed at me and laughed, it was like a movie...it was terrible". Though most think Brett is awesome and wouldn't change anything about him, he is not very happy with his eye color, "I just think blue are are better". If about to die, his last phone call would be to Morgan Freeman, " his voice would be the one I would want to hear before I died". Brett continued to make me laugh throughout the whole interview and made me appreciate learning about who he really is.