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Monday, September 22, 2014

Bucket List

Short Term Bucket List:

Sculpt Clay: I would love to create anything out of clay and I heard it is also a relaxing experience.
Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back: I think it would be exciting to send a letter and get a response from someone new. A letter could make the person have better day.
Run in a hamster ball on the water: Running in a hamster ball always seemed super fun to me. I would love to run in the ocean because the waves would keep pushing you forward.
Go paint balling: Paint balling seems like a great way to get out anger and just have fun.
Go to college: I want to start my career and become successful in life.
Dress like a sumo wrestler and fight:This would be fun to do with friends and relieve stress
Go zip lining:Go zip lining through the woods or over water
Jump into a huge ball pit: I want to jump into a massive ball pit like years ago
Jump from a waterfall/ bridge: The excitement of jumping into the water and having it rush all over you.
Go scuba diving: I wanna swim with the fish
Get a massage: After volleyball season I will definitely need a massage!

Long Term Bucket List:

Get a tattoo: I want to get a tattoo to symbolize who I am
Vacation in Hawaii: I have always wanted to visit Hawaii, I heard it is beautiful.
See the Northern Lights: I would love to see the sky change different colors
Swim in an infinity pool: Swimming in this pool makes you seem like you are swimming in nothing at all, many are on top of roof tops.
Swim with dolphins: Dolphins are such lovable creatures and I could make them do tricks.
Visit the tunnel of love: The tunnel of love is all green and would be amazing to see in person
Volunteer at a animal shelter: I am a huge animal lover and would end up wanting to adopt every dog there.
Visit a cancer ward and help out: I love helping anyone I can and the best thing would to put a smile on a little kids face who is very sick.
Sing to an audience : I love to sing and I have always wanted to sing in Boston with a hat out in front of me, I would love to see who would stop and listen.

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