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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Case Against High School Sports

High school sports have become apart of the modern day life as a teenage. For many students, a sport is the only thing to look forward. Some students are academically built while some are more into being on a team and showing their strengths through a sport. Being on a sport showing passion and drive to become a better well rounded person. Students can not fail more than one class while on a team, this makes them motivated to pay attention and crack open their notebooks at the end of the day. Sports do benefit in a students  high school life by making students motivated, self reliable and have the opportunity to improve their hidden skills others may not have. 

High School sports do have an effect on the students academic career. Students will stay more motivated to keep their grades up because if one class is failed, they are off the team. Being an athlete myself, it feels as if someone is always giving you a kick to push forward. With the passion students have for their sport moves them to focus on success. Even after long days of training and practicing, athletes will still always do their homework. Sports give the opportunity to succeed in what you love and the different objectives learned everyday during class. Athletes are always currently thinking about what they can do to become better, no matter if that means academically, through a sport or just as a person. Being a well rounded person has a huge aspect while being an athlete in high school, by achieving your dreams through the academic world and through the world of sports. 

Any sport will change the athlete inside and out. Being on a team sport or an independent sport will push anyone to failure or success. High School sports show how to work together and depend on one other. This improves your over all being. Many life improving skills have been learned through a sport. In fact, there are many lessons learned that you cannot learn in a stuffy classroom. There will always be failure in life but if there wasn't, there would never be anything to work on. While your team is losing, everyone must work together to find a solution on how to fix the problem. The lessons in class are used throughout a sport as well. High pressure is used well on a court, field, etc and helps the team mates turn into a whole. Those who participate in high school sports know the feeling of defeat or success and turning into a better person no matter what the outcome. High school sports let students achieve what they never thought possible. 

Sports are known to be a release for most athletes. Any built up anger throughout the day can be taken out on the field or court and shown through how well someone plays. Without sports, many people would more sluggish or so fed up that there would be a breaking point. There would be a lot of angry teenagers throughout the day the principle would have to deal with. Sports allow students to release any anger that is pent up inside them and form it into success. Sports reduce any fights or arguments that would happen in school and help the student let go.

As for some, we welcome the stress of a sport. We know the smell of a gym bag so well and have the memories flash back to us. We can take away the love we had of a team coming together and succeeding till the end of a game. We know what failure feels like. We leave everything we have out on the floor that day. We will take the pain, sweat and tears with us and force ourselves to become better. We love to be apart of the school and have fans on the side screaming our name. We will become a better well rounded person because of all of this. We would not be who are if there weren't high school sports. 

Ripley, Amanda. "The Case Against High-School Sports." Atlanta Oct. 2013: 72-78. Print.


  1. I enjoyed your article and agree that high school athletes are more motivated than regular students. GOOD JOB JILL!

  2. I love how you said the sports change the person inside and out, it defiantly builds character!

  3. This is very well written and I liked it a lot!