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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Pet Peeves

 My Pet Peeves

1. When I hear people chewing: Hearing people chew is a major pet peeve of mine. I find it to be very obnoxious and rude. I don't want to hear what you're eating or even drinking. I find it very gross and disturbing that I end up walking away. Just chew quietly!

2. Double negatives: Whenever I hear someone using a double negative I just find it to be very annoying. It is poor grammar and makes the person sound uneducated. It can also be confusing when you're talking to someone and they use double negatives. For example- That won't do you no good

3. Littering: I absolutely hate when people litter. I am a huge tree hugger and find it to be disrespectful no matter where it is. I hate when there is trash in the ocean or even along the sides of the road. Also, animals get hurt when there are bags or cans left around. There is no reason to throw the trash out the window or just be too lazy to throw it out. Think about the poor animals c'mon it's not hard.

4. When people are rude to waiters: You should never be rude to someone waiting on you or serving you. This applies especially when at a restaurant or a place serving food. If you're rude to a waiter they can do anything they want with your order. I have dealt with rude customers and I know what it's like when people are rude for no reason. People should always be nice to anyone helping you, no matter what.

5. Slow drivers/slow walkers: Whenever driving I always seem to get stuck behind someone that drives at the speed of a turtle. There is an exception of the elderly but someone who is texting or putting on makeup is just an annoyance. Walking around in the hallway or in stores and no one will walk. They just stand in a spot on the floor like they're glued. Speed up please!

6. Excessive PDA: I don't think PDA is really necessary, especially while walking down the school hallway. It makes people feel uncomfortable and awkward. It is also rude when you have to squeeze past a couple just to get into a classroom. Get a room! 

7. Light wash jeans:  Light washed jeans remind me of mom or dad jeans. They're worn out and are not attractive. I will personally give money for new jeans.. just go get new ones!

8. Hovering: I cannot stand when people hover around me! My dad is the worst when it comes to hovering. He'll walk into my room randomly and just ask what's up and once I give a response he just hovers around like he's waiting for something more exciting to happen but in reality it just me doing homework. THE WORST


  1. We basically get annoyed by a lot of the same things so that's good

  2. I feel the same way with PDA in school. Stop getting in my way just to hold hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It can wait!
    John Munger

  3. I also hate it when people hover around me. It creeps me out when my parent or a teacher is just looking over my shoulder for a while.

  4. PDA grinds my gears too and I sweat couples do it on purpose. Also the light jeans; I have never personally bought or owned a pair of light wash jeans.