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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Incentives and Aesthetic Experience

A. Incentives govern human behavior because people usually do more work if they are getting something out of it. Most will do work if there is a reward involved, such as money. Money is a good incentive and probably the most positive because everything revolves around money. Even though people should do things such as favors out of the kindness of their heart, some will not because they are not getting rewarded for what they do. Parents have started using incentives for their children to learn and have seen a change in the way they act and grow. Incentives do work but always need to be used in the correct way and not to often or people will always expect a reward in return for good behavior.

B. An aesthetic experience I've had was when I went on a vacation in Maine. Maine has a beautiful landscape no matter where you drive. There is either an ocean or forest, both with amazing adventures within. I always vacation in Maine with my family, it is my second home where I feel the most comfortable. Maine was an aesthetic experience because I would wake up every morning to a sunny blue sky and the birds chirping. I walked out on my front porch, sat down and watched the boats pass by and see everyone on the beach. It was very relaxing and would do anything to have those moments again. Mornings like that make you think about the day ahead and how to bring the positivity upon others.

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